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Imaging Milestones
The American Heritage Dictionary (Solar Flare definition) – From the Earth to the Universe International Exhibition IYA09 (FETTU) – Sky and Telescope Beautiful Universe – MSNBC – Astrophotography by the Masters – National Air and Space Museum’s First Light Exhibition – Nature Magazine – SOHO Pick of the Week –  The History Channel – The AL Reflector Cover – Astronomy 365: The Very Best of APOD – National Geographic TV – Sky & Telescope Magazine – Astronomy Magazine – Space Weather – NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD)

Speaking Milestones
North East Astronomy Forum – Winter Star Party – Coronado Hands on the Sun – Lunt Arizona Sun Conference – East Coast Imaging Conference – North East Imaging Conference – Mid-West Imaging Conference – The Space Telescope Science Institute – State University of New York – Pima College – Irvine Valley College

Gallery Exhibitions
Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum – The Children’s Museum of Ontario – Shanghai Science Museum – Randall Museum San Francisco – Adler Planetarium Chicago – Montreal Planetarium – Schreder Planetarium Redding CA – Exmore National Park England – IES Escola del Treball Spain – National Garden of Shiraz Iran – Casa de la Ciencia Brazil – Sokolniki Exhibition Center Moscow – National Palace of Culture Serbia – Bibliotheca Alexandrina Egypt – University of Ovideo Spain.

Professional Collaboration
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
The National Science Foundation
The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
Helio-Research Foundation
Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO)
The Space Telescope Science Institute
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (Hinode)
Lunt Solar Systems
The Meade Corporation
Astro-Physics Inc.

Publication List
George and the Unbreakable Code by Lucy and Stephen Hawking
NASA’s Astronomy Picture Of the Day (APOD) – 8 times
NASA’s Imagine the Universe! CD-Rom – 8 Times
Astronomy | 365 Days, The Very Best of APOD, Abrams Publishing New York
Sky and Telescope Online
Sky and Telescope Magazine photo gallery- 5 times (US)
Astronomy Magazine photo gallery – 6 times (US)
SpaceWeather.com – 36 times
Nature (UK) , Volume 441, Number 7092
The Baader Planetarium
Observational Astronomy, University of Thessaloniki (Greece)
Cambridge University Press Astronomy Handbook
Your Ticket to the Universe, Smithsonian Books
The American Society of Plant Biologist
Observing the Sun: A Pocket Field Guide
The Blue Ribbon News
The Astronomical League Reflector
The American Heritage Dictionary (Definition of a Solar Flare)
Atlanta Center Triathlon Team
Astronomy Now Magazine (UK)
Spectacular Universe
Sky Image Lab Store
The SpaceWeather Store
The Universe at Your Fingertips, Astronomy Society of the Pacific
Sky and Telescope Magazine (US), “Catch the Nearest Star”
The Learning Company, Great Courses DVD
The Virtual Middle School
Harper College
iShine, Apple App Store
National Geographic TV | Eastern Island Eclipse Live
Solar Observer Magazine (Malaysia)
From the Earth to the Universe International Traveling Exhibition – IYA
The State of Wisconsin Legislative Blue Book
The EarthShine Foundation
US Air Force Academy “Space Weather”
University of Oviedo, Oviedo Spain
The Society of Physics Students
Telescopes: Passport to the stars, The Montreal Planetarium
The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN)
Weathers Greatest Mysteries Solved! Randy Cerveny Prometheus Books
10 Cool Sites, The Exploratorium, San Francisco
Second Life 3D Astronomy Island
The Sun and How to Observe It (USA), Springer
Ancient Suns (Philippines)
Capturing the Stars: Astrophotography by the Masters (US), Voyageur Press
OPT EDU Worldwide Education
Svět (World) Magazine (Czech Republic)
Engineering World
OffOrbit, Video Podcast Series, Cook Studios
The Universe Today
MinaDeMas (Columbia)
Astrocast.tv Video Podcast, Midnight Rider Productions
Astronomy Magazine Photo Journeys (US)
Microsiervos Online (Spain)
StarLines Calendar
Principals of Astrophysics, Rutgers University
The Astronomical League Reflector cover
Svět (World) Magazine (Czech Republic), Extra-Publishing
io9 Science Fiction
Schreder Planetarium Online, Redding CA
Space, Dorling Kindersley Publishing Vue Image Gallery (UK)
Sky and Telescope’s Beautiful Universe Special Edition
Hamigan Space Science Center (Japan)
The History Channel Interactive Universe
The Children’s Museum of Ontario Canada
The Randall Museum, San Francisco CA
The Sun and How to Observe It, Springer-Verlag Publishing
The US Air Force Academy, Undergraduate Textbook
GloBio Glossopedia – The Solar System
GloBio Glossopedia – The Sun
Novac Newsletter
Astronomy Now (UK)
The NHAS Observer
Astro-Photo Insight Magazine
MCPS Bulletin, Vol 49/No 20
Rutgers University Department of Physics
Hamilton Township (NJ) Public Schools
MSNBC Picture Stories
Det danske vejr (That Danish Weather), Gyldendal Publishing Denmark
GEOtropio Magazine (Greece)
Coelum Astronomia Magazine (Italy)
ATWB Picture of the day
Rutgers University Department of Physics
Steve’s Digicam Picture of the Day
Monterey Peninsula College course catalog
SOHO Pick of the Week
Bild Der Wissenschaft SternZiet Calendar (Germany)
SOHO Outreach Spotlight
National Air and Space Museum’s First Light Exhibition
TERC’s Astrobiology: The Search of Life in the Universe
Fark PhotoShop
Griffith Observatory
Astronomy Picture of the Day
The University of Tennessee, Solar Study Guide
The Washington Post

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