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Nighttime Gallery 3

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NGC457, ET Cluster , AP130EDFGT, Canon 6D

The ET Cluster – NGC457, Canon 6D DSLR Modified, AP130EDFGT, IDAS filter, 65 frames at 60 seconds each.

NGC6960, The Western Veil, AP130EDFGT, Canon 6D

The Western Veil – NGC6960, Canon 6D, AP130EDFGT, IDAS filter, 50 frames at 45 seconds each.

NGC-6888, The Crescent Nebula, LX-850,

The Crescent Nebula – NGC-6888, Canon 6D, LX-850, IDAS Filter, 30 frames stacked at 240 seconds each.

NGC7023, LX-850, Canon 6D

The Iris Nebula – NGC7023, LX-850, Canon 6D modified, IDAS Filter, 24 frames at 300 seconds.